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What are the treatments for Cataracts?
The only known treatment for cataracts is cataract surgery. The most advanced method for removing cataracts is a technique called Phacoemulcification. This technique involves making two small incisions using very sharp and small blades. The eye is inflated using a thick clear substance called a viscoelastic. Since the lens is surrounded by a capsular bag that does not cloud, the capsule can be opened using a cystitome needle. The hardened lens is removed using a hand piece that emulsifies (liquefies) the lens using ultrasound energy and aspirates out the small pieces. The empty bag is now inflated with viscoelastic, and the IOL (intraocular lens) is implanted into the eye to obtain clear focus.

New IOL technology can focus the eye at distance, eliminate night time glare caused by spherical aberration, decrease astigmatism, and even allow the patient to enhance the ability to focus at distance and near without glasses. Modern cataract surgery is a 15-20 minute outpatient surgery that usually allows the patients to resume visual and physical activities within 1-3 days after surgery. Ask your eye surgeon about these exciting new “Premium IOL’s (intraocular lenses)”.

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